Change Your Story



Heal Your Past

Every one of us has had emotional events in our past that we still carry with us. Some of us more than others but we all do. What if you had a tool that you could get rid of your past Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt without reliving the emotions. The Change Your Story Breakthrough Weekend Seminar will give you the tools you can use right away allowing you to be free from past hurt.


Enjoy Your Present and Create the Future of Your Choice

How do you show up to life? If you could accomplish anything you wanted, what would that do for you – emotionally, financially, mentally and spiritually? The Change Your Story Breakthrough Weekend Seminar shows you specifically the process of how to choose and achieve those things that are important to you and are aligned with your values.


Personal Transformation

To be successful in life, a person must go through a personal transformation and learn to destroy the limitations in their mind. We all have limitations, habits, behaviors, etc. we want to improve or change. The question is are you willing to take action? In the Change Your Story Breakthrough Seminar, you will learn the Creating Your Future® techniques to give you the tools and power to make personal changes quickly and easily.

This is a Hands-on Workshop. Be prepared to transform your life!

Price: $895
Early Registration: $297