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Christina Marshall Truitt - NLP Success Coaches

Christina Marshall Truitt

Real Estate Specialist at Coldwell Banker
Costa Rica

“Few people take the opportunity to work on themselves. I did and it was well worth the investment and time to learn from Master Coach Trainer Showleh Tolbert.

I had the pleasure of participating in Showleh’s NLP Training Certification Program in Costa Rica.”


“I was particularly impressed with Showleh’s ability to communicate and teach valuable information that helped me recognize what was holding me back from reaching my goals. She immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed so that I was able to share how I was feeling. Her personal experience and deep understanding produced insights that for me, were invaluable. Showleh helped me cultivate the tools to see a different perspective, focus, prioritize and find meaningful solutions to the internal blocks I was facing. Her coaching was the beginning of my journey into a better position in life; and for that I am forever grateful.

I walked away from the training program feeling encouraged, empowered and armed with new skills and knowledge. I still miss seeing her smiling face and hearing her words of wisdom.

It is with great fortune that one would be able to have Showleh as a Success Coach.

I highly recommend Showleh Tolbert to any person, business or agency looking to better his or her person, services or outcomes.”