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Davoud Derogar

My Coaching Story

Hello, I am Davoud. I grow up and went to school in a poor neighborhood. In my opinion, most of our teachers weren’t able to communicate well and teach us what we needed to learn. It was back then when I decided when I grow up I’ll be a teacher and I’ll be the best teacher I can be. I have been told by many of my students and administrators that I teach well.

Although I love teaching but I’ve been in search of how to live a pain free life, physically or emotionally not only for myself but also how to teach and transfer that to others and create positive lasting changes. My passion of helping others perform better to achieve their desired success in any areas of their life, led me back to school and became a certified Hypnotherapist.

Now, not only I teach but also help others transform their life.


Hypnotic Chronic Pain Relief
Improve Your Vision
Stress & Anxiety
Phobia / Trauma
Anger / Sadness / Fear / Hurt / Guilt
Negative Habits & Behaviors / Nail Biting
Smoking / Weight Loss
Stuttering / Twitch
Managing Dis-Ease


David is a Doctorate Candidate at California Coast University and has his
MS – Industrial Management,
BS – Automotive Technology, and is
Board Certified Trainer & Master Coach

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Time Line Therapy®
  • Hypnotist
  • Instructor of Hypnotherapy

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