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Accelerate your journey to success

Four Certifications, One Amazing Experience!

Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification Training enables you to take control of your thoughts, emotions and actions to determine your own destiny.

Over the training course you will cover four certifications to help you transform not just your own life, but also the lives of those around you.

During your group coaching you’ll share your real life experiences of practicing NLP , ask questions, receive coaching and discover how it is working for others.

See, feel and hear how nothing can hold you back from reaching your goals.

  1. NLP Practitioner
  2. Time Line Therapy®
  3. Hypnosis
  4. Coaching

NLP Practitioner Certification

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a proven and potent method for achieving what you want in life. And there is no better organization through which to experience that power, motivation and inspiration than the Success Coach and NLP Tech for Mind Acceleration Companies – Trainers and Masters of NLP.

What you will learn during the training

  • Understand the basis of NLP – principles and starting points
  • Discover fundamental beliefs to empower Mind Mastery, not Mind Slavery
  • Identify and take control of the intricate connections between your mind, emotions and behavior
  • Understand how you learn, communicate, change and evolve
  • Learn how to possess a personal magnetism
  • Project energy and enthusiasm
  • persuade without antagonizing
  • Excel in defining problems and planning solutions
  • Display high management potential
  • Sustain a high achievement level in all areas of life

Some of the topics you will cover

  • Rapport – how to create instant liking and agreement
  • Representational Systems – how we use our five senses to represent information from
    the world internally
  • Submodalities – the secret programming software of your mind
  • Language patterns – the words you use to demonstrate your intellectual attributes and personal characteristics
  • Anchoring – how to control your feelings and your state of mind
  • Strategies – how to control your mental processes to create specific results
  • Parts – how to detect and stop inner conflicts

How you can use what you learn

Use your NLP applications across:

  • All modes of business including sales and communication
    Learning and educational coaching
  • Consulting, business and personal coaching
  • Personal growth and change
  • Performance enhancement and relationship coaching

Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification Training

Gain total control of your life

  • Move through your and others’ internal blocks
  • Eliminate negative emotions, beliefs and decisions
  • Remove internal blocks
  • Display emotional stability
  • Make the right decisions with assurance
  • Cope constructively with emotions
  • Discover what really matters to you
  • Get motivated and STAY motivated!

Create the kind of future you really want

  • Understand your own internal time machine to create your future
  • Use S-M-A-R-T criteria for making your goals come true
  • Learn how to visualize your future so it’s more compelling, motivating and exciting for you

Hypnotist Certification

As part of your Training you will learn hypnosis from trainers personally trained by true authorities on the subject. Dr. Tad James is the author of the bestselling book on the subject: Hypnosis, A Comprehensive Guide. You will also learn Ericksonian Indirect Permissive Hypnosis so that you can increase your results with the largest number of clients.


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US: 888-356-0060
Int’l: +1 949-522-1615

NLP Coach Certification

Coaching of any kind – business, educational, performance enhancement – is one of the fastest-growing and most rewarding industries on the planet. The Success Coach Co. is one of few training providers in the world authorized by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to issue this prestigious NLP certification.

Students become Internationally recognized with the NLP Coach Certification and learn how to create a coaching relationship with your clients. NLP Coaches are the top paid coaches in the industry and we tell you how to get your coaching business started.

  • ­Consulting, Business and Personal Coaching
  • All Modes of Business including Sales and Communication ­
  • Learning and Educational Coaching
  • Create Change and Growth on a Personal Level
  • Therapy and Relationship Coaching

Meet the Experts

Showleh Tolbert

Showleh Tolbert - NLP Success Coaches

CNLPt (MBA, Dr. Candidate). As Certified International Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, Coaching & instructor of Hypnosis, she is a true ambassador of change and is renowned for always achieving outstanding results with the people she empower. Showleh is also a public speaker with over 30 years of experience at executive levels both in corporate and public sectors. She is highly trained in modalities, taking people from where they are at, to where they want to be, in the shortest amount of time utilizing the latest scientific based technologies.

Dr. Afsheen Riaz

Dr. Afsheen Riaz - NLP Success Coaches

MD is the head of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) department at NLPtech Training Center, Bur Dubai. Trained in USA, Dr. Afsheen is highly valued for her transformational, dynamic and results-oriented programs. As an NLP Trainer as well as being a Medical Doctor, she has achieved a high success rate in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy fields especially in improved communications in the corporate environment, educational field and personal life. She is experienced in working with leading companies with the primary focus on improving communication through leadership/mid-level management training. She is sensitive to the trends and situations unique to each client and personalizes each seminar accordingly.