Showleh Tolbert


Could this be true? Was it God? Was it the Universe talking to me? I felt like I was buried alive and it felt like some supernatural power reached down from above to lift me up to mend my wounded heart and opened it up. It planted the seed of hope deep down inside me. Hope for a better day, hope for a better life, hope for a dream life of “Freedom.” For the first time in my life, I truly began to believe it was possible.

You see, being a girl and born in Iran, who was I to think outside of the box? That was unheard of. I suppose conformity was not one of my strongest suits.

My life had collapsed again.

No job, no money, no self-esteem, no one to turn to, feeling completely alone, I stood in the middle of the empty living room of my new place. My last conversation with my mother echoed in my head, “YOU JUST DON’T LISTEN! If you had just done what he demanded, he wouldn’t have abused you. You just don’t know how to keep a husband.”

Was my entire life a sham? Looking from outside, everyone thought I had it all together. Showleh, the spiritual, educated woman, raised her daughter alone in a foreign country, now married to a good man. Wow, what a success story! Everything looked perfect from outside because I had mastered “the art of pretending.”

The reality was that I was in pieces, I felt so little, I had stopped believing in me and believed what I was told. I was tired and just wanted life to end. I wanted to commit suicide. The only thing that kept me alive was the thought of, “What kind of role model would I be for my daughter if I ended it all?”

It took me six years to build up the courage to get out of an abusive marriage. And…

I am grateful

because I am one of the lucky ones that got away alive and it led me to the world of charity and wanting to impact other people’s lives, but something was missing. I wasn’t treating the “Root Cause” of the problems and it wasn’t the global impact I had imagined. The day I left my six-figure income, I was told that I was “crazy.” I never learn.

Yes, today this “Crazy Woman” is a successful international Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapist Instructor, Trainer and Master Coach getting rid of the “Root Cause” of clients’ problems and making a global impact, and here’s the difference…

If you would have called me crazy back then, it would have offended me, whereas now I proudly take it as a BIG compliment. Thank you for seeing me that way.

I think when you’re guided by intuition, you can come across as a crazy person to others and freak them out. People may still call me “crazy” for saying this, but… I believe everything happens for a good reason. I believe there is a positive lesson we need to learn in every situation. I believe if you’re reading my story, it’s because you need to read it. I believe that we’re all spiritual beings and are all connected to one another the same way we’re all connected to the Universe.

Yes, I do meditate every day and I know I am in perfect alignment with my destiny of making a difference in the lives of others.

You know, when I was in the world of charity, I was helping a small group of people. However, I didn’t feel fulfilled in my own life. Before learning NLP, I read any personal development book that I heard about. I read the Law of Attraction, I studied Bob Proctor, Esther Hicks, Joe Vitale, Louise Hay, Og Mandino, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Maxwell Maltz and yet I continued to fail year after year for 9 years before cracking the success code and discovering the “Real Secret” to a fulfilled life.

No matter what I did, how many personal development books I read or motivational speeches I attended, how much visualization I did, how many affirmations I repeated out loud, how many times and for however long I meditated, and how many vision boards I made, nothing was happening for me.

What was I doing wrong? Why were bad things still happening to me?

When was it going to STOP? What was wrong with me?

I was tripping, I would have a small success followed by a big fall. I could see I was sabotaging my own success but didn’t know how to correct it.

If you are open, I want to share with you step-by-step exactly what you need to do right now to get FAST results. The information I am about to share with you – if you allow it to – is insane in how quickly can change your life.

My Top 3 Tips that transformed everything:

Tip #1 - The Right Energy:

As Bob Proctor is always saying, EVERYTHING is energy in this Universe, including us. At any given moment, you have the choice and an opportunity to change your life because you can change the way you feel. Don’t mistake being rich with being wealthy. Being wealthy is about how much money you have. Being rich is about who you are, your vibration.

I couldn’t find my “breakthrough.” I couldn’t understand the concept of energy and how to apply it. As a result, I blocked myself from receiving it. I was coming from a “lack” state of mind, focusing on what I don’t want instead of focusing on what I want. Your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between good or bad, positive or negative, and it’s going to deliver what you asked. As the genie says, “Your Wish Is My Command.” The energy you put out is the energy you receive.

So how do you attract the right energy? The best way that I know is to become grateful for what you have and pour your feelings into. Say out loud what you are grateful for and feel it. Always focus on what you have and NOT on what you don’t have. What you focus on creates your vibration and that’s what you’re attracting. Remember that.

You see, most of us spend our entire lives on things we don’t want. I am a perfect example of that. I was so focused on what I didn’t want (didn’t want to work for someone else, didn’t want a partner that lied and cheated, didn’t want to be abused, didn’t want to leave my daughter with babysitters, didn’t want my mother to tell me what to do or what not to do, didn’t want, didn’t want….) No wonder everything bad was happening to me. I was attracting it. When I truly changed my mindset, became grateful and began to understand and practice focusing on what I want, that’s when everything in my life started to shift quickly.

Tip #2 - Find The Right Coach:

Anybody who has ever achieved anything of excellence in their life didn’t just figure everything out by themselves. It all begins with having the right coach. Tony Robbins had Jim Rohn, Jim Rohn had Earl Shoaff, Wayne Dyer had Nevile Goddard, and Bob Proctor had 6 key coaches in his life – Ray Stanford, Earl Nightingale, Lloyd Conant, Leland Val Van De Wall, Dr. C. Harry Roder and Bill Gove.

I can’t fathom being where I am today without having the right coaches in my life. Yes, even coaches need a coach. I am talking about the person who is guiding you and bringing the best out of you not because they’re getting paid, but because they truly care for you. Someone who believes in you and helps you step into the person you can become.

I’m so grateful for my coaches believing in me, encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone, and seeing the greatness in me before I could see it. I am grateful for them always telling me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.

You may ask, how do you know if you have the right coach? That’s a valid question. Here is how. Does the person “feel” right to you? Always use and trust your own intuition. Once I found the right coaches for me, it was like fireworks going off; magic started happening all around me.

Tip #3 - The Law Of Action:

“Law of Action” is the Real Secret.

Nothing is going to happen until you take “Massive Action.” I learned this from all of my coaches. They kept telling me to take massive action and it wasn’t sinking in. I took it as meditate more, visualize more, manifest, and that’s where I stopped. These activities don’t deliver results without taking massive Action. You can’t sit and wait for what you want to fall out of the sky.

You can have a desire for your life or business, but if YOU take no ACTION towards it, it’s just a wish. My life and my business changed drastically when I became obsessed with my dreams and took massive actions towards them.

I remember Bob Proctor in one of his videos spoke about when you are in the right vibration and your energy is right, the Universe or God answers your prayers. Opportunities start presenting themselves. They’ve always been there, but now you can see them. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. It’s your responsibility to recognize it. If you don’t take any action to seize the moment, the opportunity goes to the next person that’s wise enough to seize it.

Fast forward to today: I am now coached by the most influential and highest paid coaches in the world. I am leaving my legacy of making a global impact in the lives of others.

I want you to know the fact that it wasn’t overnight success for me. I had to pay my dues and struggled with life before everything SHIFTED for me.

Back when I found “NLP,” I had survived a domestic violence relationship. I was helping others but not myself. Do you feel me?

I’m just so grateful for finding this knowledge, never giving up on my dreams and continuing to believe that I am destined for greater things in life even though people made fun of me and labeled me…in fact, some still do.

Why am I such a firm believer? Because not only has NLP CHANGED everything in my life, but it has provided me with the opportunity to make a global CHANGE in the lives of others through science and proven techniques. The single parents that stay up late at night to figure out a way to provide for their children; the corporate executive that is stuck on how to increase business, motivate staff, and hire the right person for the job; the parents that are struggling to double and triple their income to provide a better life for their children and buy a decent Christmas present; men and women that are looking to have better relationships and finding the right person for them—I see you, I hear you, and I feel you because I was one.

This is your special invitation from me and the Universe to be coached by me PERSONALLY. You can straight up EXPECT results because you’ll be working with me directly and I take what I do very seriously… but in a fun way…

This is only for people who are coachable, and hungry for change. You must be willing to invest in yourself, must be committed to your dreams, and must be willing to put in the work to make it happen. If this describes you and you’re not afraid of embracing your light into the world, then allow me to HELP YOU transform.

Here’s what you need to do next if you’re interested:

Send me a private message telling me where you are and where you want to be. I look forward to hearing from you.

Showleh Tolbert

P.S. I believe in you.

I’m a Certified Coach