How to think powerfully (Part 2)

Hello and welcome. If this is your first time joining us, my name is Showleh Tolbert. I am a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Trainer and Coach and specialize in transforming lives. And we’ve been talking about the power of our unconscious mind.

In the last blog I eluted that your Unconscious mind is a powerful force and does a lot of things in your body for you. It makes up around 95% of your brain power and because it does so many things for you, at least let’s get to know him /her a little bit. I want to go through only a couple of the things it does for us. Plus, it’s very important in the process of creating your future.

1. Your Unconscious Mind stores memories.

2. Your Unconscious Mind organizes memories.

So let’s begin. See, as events happen in our life the unconscious Mind stores those memories and then catalogs them or organizes them in a certain way so that you know the difference between something that happened 15 years ago and something that happened 3 weeks ago. So, all these emotions are cataloged and stored in a certain way and you don’t do that consciously.

In 1957 a scientist named Penfield working with a woman’s epilepsy, actually drilled a hole in her brain and what happened then was that she remembered everything from her birthday party when she was age 2. She could actually feel the way her dress felt, she could remember the smell and the taste of the birthday cake, she could see her parents as they were then. A complete total memory that came back from age 2 when he probed her brain.

Or this. Not sure, you choose

So, the rat doctors got busy and they thought if the memory is stored in the brain, where in the brain and started having rats run the maze and cut out parts of the rats brain.

The Findings:

And what they found was that if they cut out the entire rat’s brain, as long as they didn’t cut out the brain stem, the rats could still run the maze. Which was interesting. So, what they figured at that point was that the memory is not just stored in the brain, but it’s stored holography throughout the entire body.

Which means that every cell in your body has a holographic memory of everything that happens.

Now in a hologram, if you take a holographic picture it looks like a bunch of squiggly lines, it doesn’t look like a picture.

In a hologram even parts of the picture can contain the whole, of, the memory. Because, if I were to take a holographic picture of an apple, what I’ll do is I shine a laser on the apple and I shine a laser on the background and then I would take a picture. And when I developed the plate I wouldn’t get a plate that would look like an Apple, I would get a plate that had a bunch of squiggly lines on it. Now what’s interesting about that is if I break the holographic plate in half, you won’t get half the picture, half an Apple like a regular picture, I get a whole Apple when I project a laser through it. You’ll see a whole Apple suspended in the mid air.

The interesting thing about this is I can take this picture and break it in half again and break it in half again, and every time you shine a laser through the picture you still have a whole Apple projected and suspended in the mid air. Now, what the difference is that you’ll have less and less detail which means may be the little scratches on the edge won’t be that visible

but I still have a whole Apple even from the very small piece of the plate.

Now unless you think this metaphor isn’t true and it’s a metaphor there’s a book called the Heart’s Code by Paul Pearsall and an 8 year old girl got a heart transplant from a 10 year old girl who had been murdered. They transplanted the heart into an 8 year girl and the 8 year old girl began to recover memories of the murderer SUCH that in conjunction with police with additional investigations found the man and convicted him of the murder based on the testimony of the girl who received the heart of the dead girl.

Now, I am going to stop here, otherwise you’ll be here for another hour. We’ll pick up where we left out today in our next blog.

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