How to think powerfully (Part 3)

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The unconscious mind is the domain of all emotions and

3. Your Unconscious Mind represses memories with unresolved negative emotions.

As a reminder we left off talking about holographic memory of everything that happens to us. Now, Paul thinks it’s in the heart, however the heart is part of this hologram that is your entire nervous system. Now that’s good and it’s bad.

Let’s say I’ve got some negative emotions stored here in my arm. Now there’s supposed to be some energy that goes down the arm and makes the fingers wiggle but there’s trapped emotion like a negative memory. Whoever had a massage and they pressed hard on your body and you’ve got an emotion or all of a sudden remembered something. Now it’s not stored like this because it’s stored holographically.

So, the information that is supposed to go down and make the fingers wiggle as in the example here, it may not even go through or it may be transformed in a way and it won’t get to the end goal in the way it was intended to.

Our belief is that this is the major cause of dis-ease and I mispronounce the word on purpose. This is the major cause of dis-ease – which is trapped negative emotions or trapped emotions – which are unresolved in the body, that stop the flow of neural network information from going through the entire body.

Dr. Hamer Story

Now it seems that this is not only our belief, there is a medical doctor German doctor called Dr. Hamer. And Dr. Hamer has by now about 60000 case history.

Dr. Hamer wrote a book called krankite un krebs and he worked with cancer.

What he found out was that, in every single instance, he says always and without exception, the cancer is a result of (these are my words) trapped emotions in the body, negative emotions, unresolved, as a result of a significant emotional event of a negative nature.

For daring to write that book the German Medical Society revoked Dr Hamer’s license to practice surgery in Bavaria. Dr Hamer died in 1990 but his work continues.

In each of these cases that the person solved the conflict the cancer disappears, now there are 60000 case histories and 60,000 in today’s medical field is huge. I am not saying this. Dr. Hamer says this.

So, Dr. Hamer’s work is a landmark and essentially what we are saying is that the Unconscious Mind organizes all the memories but negative emotions which are trapped in the body and here is comes, #3 Your Unconscious Mind represses memories with unresolved negative emotions.

Now the problem is your Unconscious Mind wants you to get what you need to get, That’s how the unconscious mind is. It wants you to learn something.

So, first the Unconscious Mind represses the memories and stores them in the body.

Let’s say you go through an event and you’ve got negative emotions. You don’t like them, they feel bad, so your unconscious mind puts them somewhere in the body so that you can go on in the process called life.

But that doesn’t mean that the memory is no longer there. In our next blog we’ll talk about what happens next, so be sure to tune in next week.

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