How to think powerfully (Part 4)

Hello and welcome back. If this is your first time joining us, my name is Showleh Tolbert. I am a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Trainer and Coach and specialize in transforming lives. And we’ve been talking about the power of your thoughts.

Today let’s look at what our unconscious mind does after it represses memories so that we can function in the process called life. Now then if you look at

#4 the unconscious mind presents those memories to your conscious mind to release the negative emotions.

So here is how it might work. Let’s say I have a negative memory and I’m going on in life, everything is happy and here it comes, trulla trulla and here comes the memory and it goes like this hey Showleh do you want to handle this?

Oh, wow, And I go, not again, And now I have two choices. At this point, either I say, I don’t want to deal with this, in which case the unconscious mind says okay, puts it back where it was.


I can say okay, I don’t like this, it sucks, it’s so bad I don’t even wanna go back to it. You know what? What do I need to learn now so once I get it, this problem will disappear forever.

So, Tad’s client flew to Sidney, Australia to see him. The client had 24 years of chronic back pain such that for the last 13 years he had to sit up at a table in a special chair at night at the kitchen table with his chin on his hands and sleep like this because the back pain was so bad he couldn’t sleep in bed with his wife.

He was on morphine patches, all pain killers you can think of. They did a detailed personal history with him and at the end of 4 hours his pain from his own reckoning from an 8 instantly to a Zero. The theory that Tad used and actually invented the Time Line Therapy® is based on the work of Dr. John Sarno (he was a medical doctor and a surgeon and he did back operations in New York City) and after doing 20 years of back operations he decided call all his patients and see how it went and all of them said, the back operation did not work. So, Dr. Sarno developed a theory that all pain after 8 weeks is due to negative emotions trapped at the unconscious level of which the client is not aware of.

See another way of saying this is that your unconscious mind presents memories with unresolved negative emotions to your conscious mind so that you can make them rational.

Rational means, so that you get the learnings. What was it you needed to learn from this?

We have a saying, everything happens for a reason, it has become just a saying, but the truth is that once you get the reason and the reason is not, Why or Why me, the reason is What do I need to learn. What is this life experience teaching me?

By the way, Most people say why me and that is not giving you any results. I mean it gives you answers, more and more content of what happened but it doesn’t allow you to let go of the problem and move on in life.

Now #4 Your unconscious mind presents memories to your Conscious mind to release the negative emotions, you’ve done this before in the past.

Listen, have you had a memory in the past that used to bother you, then you gained resolution on and now it no longer bothers you.

Yeah, virtually everyone has had that experience. So, you already know how to do Time Line Therapy® except the difference between what you did and what we do in coaching is you let go of the negative emotion on a single memory, when you do coaching with me, we’re going to let go of specific negative emotions on all memories.

Just to complete that section on back pain, What causes the back pain is tight muscles, tight muscles cause a lack of blood flow, and that is painful. The unconscious mind tightens up the muscles on the back and that’s why the client gets back pain. Dr. Sarno believes all back pain and neck pain which persists longer than 8 weeks are based on unconscious negative emotions, of which the client is not conscious of.

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