How can I activate my brain power? (Part 2)

Hello and welcome back. For those of you who are new here, my name is Showleh Tolbert, I am a certified Master trainer and coach of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and I specialize in transforming lives. We started last week with how to use the power of the unconscious mind to succeed and how we can work with our unconscious mind to transform our life.

So let’s continue with the premise that all learning and all behaviors and all changes take place unconsciously.

Okay, all behaviors.

Remember the very first time you learned how to drive a car. You had to remember consciously okay what do I do with my right foot? Oh, this is the excelerator, oh I have two hands, I have to hold the steering wheel, which one is the signal? Which one is the wiper, or got to look in the mirror to see what’s behind me. Oh my God all these things and you had to learn them consciously first and it was all too much. But now, what do you do? You just get in the car and you drive, you don’t think. Driving is automatic. Sometimes we even get to our destination without remembering how we got there. Have you ever done that?

All the behavior that we do is also produced unconsciously.

Now, I’m not saying for example when you move your arm (a very simple thing) I’m not saying you don’t have a conscious volition, of course you do. But you have to relegate the behavior of moving your arm to the unconscious mind because there are 159 muscles between the tips of your fingers and your shoulder blade.

According to Janet Teravell, MD she wrote a book called Myofascial pain and dysfunction, there are 600 muscle pairs in the body. That means over 1200 muscles. You couldn’t possibly move all 1200 muscles consciously. That’s why babies look so surprised. Have you seen a newborn baby? The baby is sitting in their crib like this, an arm comes up and they get the look of concern on their face like what’s this? And then it comes at them and it goes, OH NO it’s coming at me. It’s moving closer. Oh, oh oh oh I think it’s going to hit me, oh it did, it hit me. Oh no, here comes another one. Have you ever watched a newborn? They are like bewildered because they don’t know what’s going on. What are these things out here? It takes a certain period of time to learn to run this mechanism that we’ve got called the body. That’s because we need to relegate all the behavior to the unconscious mind. And you have to admit it takes several years to learn how to drive this vehicle and ultimately what happens is all of our behavior needs to be relegated to the unconscious mind. All of our behavior.

All of our behavior, the way we respond to people and the way we create or don’t create things, the way we interfere in the process called life, it’s all behavior and all behavior is unconscious.

Now, change is also unconscious. If change was conscious, I mean the person you’re living with had a habit you didn’t like, and you would say, can you change that and he or she would. But does that ever happen? NOOOO

Did you ever try to change a habit consciously? How easy was that and how long did it take?

Yes, when change happens, it’s at the unconscious level. Whoever had a situation where something changed and BANG life was never the same after that. This is a very important premise. This is a very important premise for NLP, for Time Line Therapy®, for Hypnosis and for you to know it doesn’t take years to have a fulfilling life the way you want it.

When change happens at the unconscious level, it happens in an instant.

It’s only when we effort at it consciously that it takes a long time but when change happens at the unconscious level, then the change happens in an instant. This is especially true about letting go of past major negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, phobia, hurt, guilt, etc. This is especially true about the kind of changes we make using Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. It changes substantially quicker and of course it is mankind’s destiny to do things faster, better and quicker.

So remember, all Learning, Behavior and Change is Unconscious and we can change and get rid of our past unuseful behaviors and beliefs and replace them with what we want to transform and create the life we want.

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