How can I activate my brain power? (Part 3)

Hello and welcome. If this is your first time joining us, my name is Showleh Tolbert. I am a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Trainer and Coach and specialize in transforming lives. And we’ve been talking about how to use the power of our unconscious mind to succeed.

So, the question is: Are you limiting your success with your beliefs?

In the 50s, before 1954, we were absolutely certain that there was a barrier to running a mile and that barrier was 4 minutes. And, in 1954 Roger Bannister ran the 4 minute mile, he actually ran it in 3 minutes and 59 seconds and some extra 10th of a second and broke the barrier of the 4 minute mile. Now before that it was people’s belief that you can’t run a mile in less than 4 minutes. So, watch out for people’s commonly accepted beliefs.

Everybody knew you can’t run a mile in less than 4 minutes and Bannister somehow either didn’t know or he forgot and he ran a mile in less than 4 minutes and then when it became possible, 6 weeks later, an Australian, John Landy ran a mile in 3 seconds less than 4 minutes in Finland.

So, the fact is that there are beliefs that people have, that society has, in general which are not true. In fact what we say is that when you hear the words, “everybody knows” just get out of there in the opposite direction. Because if everybody knows something, it’s probably not true. It’s probably a Limiting Belief and the more certain people are about it, and the more emotional they get about it, get as far away as you can from it because it’s probably a belief, NOT reality.

So, what’s important now out of our discussion is for you to start thinking differently about what you can do. Because if you accept limitations which are common beliefs in our society then you put those limitations on you, you cannot overcome those limitations because you know that this is how it is.

See, I see people regularly for individual sessions and in seminars and I’m certain that they can make the change, whatever change they want to make. I have to believe that you can make the change you want and if I’m crazy in my belief then my beliefs are unlimited and what can happen is, you will make the change. This is true.

Whether you know it or not, maybe you are a parent, maybe you work with people, you are a doctor or you have clients, a hypnotherapist or NLP, I’ve got bad news for you. You limit yourself and others, with your limiting beliefs.

For example, if you sit there and you think in your mind my child can’t do it, they’re not just able to, you are right. They won’t be able to do it because they believe you. They materialize your beliefs for you. But, if you make your beliefs unlimited about your kids and guess what they do, they perform in an unlimited way. The same belief applies to yourself. If you tell yourself, I am never going to make the changes, I cannot do it, you are not just able to, you are right. If you can’t believe in yourself, who will?

There is difference if you sit there and you look at yourself and you say, “I am magnificent, I can make any change t want to make, I have all the inner power I need in order to make the change, maybe I don’t know how yet, may be I don’t have some techniques or some tools to apply, may be I don’t have a strategy, I can be assisted (at the unconscious level) with. But I have everything I need in order to make the change (NOW). What a thought?

So, you need to make your beliefs absolutely unlimited about what you especially with regard to this issue of change. And it starts with you.

With your permission, and I think I have your permission because you’re here. But with your permission, I’ll be working with your unconscious mind. You know you have an unconscious mind, don’t you? And your unconscious mind is here and so can hear what we’re saying, here, and so from time to time, I will be talking directly with your unconscious mind.

From time to time I say certain things in certain ways. Like you can trust your unconscious mind.

That will allow you to make changes at the unconscious level and the unconscious mind can do these changes easily and effortlessly.

Just give permission to your unconscious mind, without even thinking. Know you can trust your unconscious mind, just give permission and trust because if you don’t trust your unconscious mind whose can you trust? Trust your unconscious mind.

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