How can I change my life and be happy? (Part 1)

I see clients day in and day out and often clients that come to me feel stuck and they feel life is not satisfying any more. Life being work life, relationship, career, marriage, family, you fill in the blank. So, where would you begin to implement changes in your life so that you feel fulfilled and happy? I specialize in transforming lives and with my blogs, my intention is to inspire, encourage and support you as you get unstuck, make positive life changes and live a life you love – authentic, joyful and meaningful.

So, can you change your life and be happy? Absolutely!

Is life a struggle for everyone? NO, it is not. Life has its ups and downs but not everyone struggles and you may wonder how, how is not a struggle for some people.

Let me tell you my beliefs about you. I wholeheartedly believe you can do anything you set your mind to. And I hope through these series of educational blogs and V-blogs I am helping you realize that the power to create what you want in life lies within you. That you have the power to control every process that goes out in the brain.

For you to understand and realize, you are in control of every bit of behavior you produce, that you are actually in charge of everything that happens. To me, that’s ultimate empowerment. Because once you know that, and you’re in charge of that, you can do everything you want. What’s there that you can’t do? PLUS, imagine that you won’t be dependent on anybody else to tell you what’s going on with you. Now that to me is just fantastic, because that makes you totally independent and empowered as a human being.

What’s the secret?

Here is the secret.

Rule #1, you must keep an open mind;

Rule #2, be prepared and willing to face what you need to change and do the necessary work, meaning taking action.

And throughout the next blogs I share with you how you too can overcome challenges should you choose to implement what you’ll be learning here.

Now, if you’ve attended any of my training, you probably have heard me saying:

A Cause Causes A Certain Effect!

What does this statement mean?

It means in life you either have results or you have reasons or excuses for not getting the results and you assume the position of being at the receiving end, where everything is done to you and I am the victim.

There’s no problem with that, that’s Okay. It’s a matter of choice. And some people have REALLY good reasons for not succeeding. And the reasons might be, oh, my background, my family, the economy, the government, my husband, my kids, my father, my mother, my education, etc. etc.

These are all reasons, but the question is, when you’re 65, or 75, or 85 years old, and you look back at your life, how valuable will those reasons be? How satisfying it would be to say, Oh…, if it wasn’t for….then you fill in the blank. That’s really not satisfying, is it?

Yes, I know, it’s very easy to find something or someone to blame, that’s the easiest thing to do. Now the problem is finding someone to blame for your entire life by the time you’re 85, who do you blame? It’s not satisfying anymore.

So, the best thing to do is to step over to the results side of life, is to step over and assume the cause, assume the responsibility of creating what you want, which by the way, Empowers you.

Which side of life’s equation are you on? Are you on the cause side? I create all the things that happen in my life, I am in charge OR are you on the effect side, where things are done to me, things happen to me, I am the victim.

I know what you will learn in these blog series will absolutely assist you in the future to MOVE at the cause side of life. Meaning, oh it’s raining outside, I’m tired, so, therefore, I can’t be motivated today, it’s just an excuse and won’t exist anymore. If you CHOOSE, you can be motivated, regardless of how the weather is, or how much sleep you had the night before.

Thank you for giving me your valuable time. I appreciate you. If you got value please be sure to subscribe and come back next week as we dig deeper into how to empower yourself and have control on what’s going on in your life.

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This is Showleh Tolbert wishing you well.

See you next week.